Located at 131 Spring Mills Road behind the Library and Public Works Garage
Reduce, Reuse, and then Recycle
NOTE: No dump trucks or dump trailers, even if they are servicing a township resident.

Recycle your household bags & wrap
Collection boxes available at the Municipal Building, The Riegel Ridge Community Center, The Holland Township Library and the Holland Township Recycling Center.

Curbside recycling is available from your garbage collector. Each collector provides residents with recycling dates and a list of the materials they accept. We encourage you to recycle through either your garbage collector or the Holland Township recycling program to be environmentally friendly.


Holland Township recycling accepts the following items:
• Glass jars and bottles with rings & caps removed. No drinking glasses, windows, or mirrors.
• Metal: aluminum beverage cans, tin cans, scrap metal, aluminum, copper, wire, and brass.
• Paper & Cardboard: newspapers (tied in bundles), magazines, books, junk mail, shredded paper, paper bags, and cardboard.
• Vehicle / Tractor / Lawn Mower batteries.
• Freon Containing Items: refrigerators and freezers (with doors removed), air conditioners, and dehumidifiers.


A Brush / E-Recycling Card and two Dumpster Cards are mailed annually with these recycling rules to residents only. The Brush / E-Recycling Card must be presented for brush disposal and E-Recycling, and a Dumpster Card must be presented to use the dumpster service.

BRUSH & MULCH (During Saturday Recycling Hours)
Free mulch pick-up; Brush Disposal: Holland Twp Residents ONLY with a valid Brush Recycling Card
No stumps, dirt, rocks, metal, or any foreign materials

DUMPSTER (During Saturday Recycling Hours)
Holland Twp Residents ONLY with a valid Dumpster Card

ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED (but not limited to): household garbage, building materials*, construction/remodeling debris*, dead animals, hazardous materials, concrete/block/brick, paints, and tires (see below).

*REMINDER: Building materials will only be accepted with a dumpster card purchased at a cost of $50. The dumpster cards included in this mailing are not accepted for any building materials or construction/remodeling debris.

Each Dumpster Card is good for one trip to the dumpster. One card must be handed to the attendant for each load, regardless of its size. Additional Dumpster Cards may be purchased for $50 each at the Recycling Center on Saturday (Checks Only) or from the Finance Office at the Municipal Building, 61 Church Road.

ELECTRONICS / E-RECYCLING (During Saturday Recycling Hours)
Holland Twp Residents ONLY with a valid E-Recycling Card
(Computers, televisions, printers, phones, microwaves, and other electronic devices with a plug)

TIRES (During Saturday Recycling Hours)
Tire Disposal Cards may be purchased at the Recycling Center on Saturday (Checks Only) or from the Finance Office at a per tire cost of: passenger car & small equipment tires - $5.00, pick-up & SUV tires - $8.00, and large truck & farm tires - $15.00.

Alan Turdo
Recycling Coordinator

Office Hours:
Saturday 9am - 3pm
For Questions Regarding Recycling & The Dumpster
Call Phone: 908-995-9188